Readercon 11
Notes from the Readercon science fiction convention in Waltham, MA, July 9-11, 1999.

Readercon 12
Notes from the next year's convention, which was moved to Burlington, MA, July 21-23, 2000.

I had some long, involved dreams in the fall of 1999. This is one of them.

Downhill All the Way
In February of 1998, I went sledding...

A Trip to Boston
My housemate Mike and I drove to Boston on February 24, 1995, little knowing what lay in store for us.

A Wedding
An account of my friend Robin's wedding in October 1994.

IBM Diary
My four months at IBM were largely an attempt to stay awake in the face of mind-numbing boredom. I spent quite a few hours typing away at the various terminals on the maufacturing floor. This piece dates from April 19, 1991.

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