Vanessa Bell
  Oldest child of Sir Leslie and Julia Stephen. Educated at Royal Academy Schools and the Slade School of Art. After the death of her father in 1904, she, Virginia, Thoby and Adrian moved to 46 Gordon Square in Bloomsbury, where the sisters first met and mingled with Thoby's Cambridge friends, and the "Bloomsbury group" came into being. In 1907 she married Clive Bell, and they remained spouses and lifelong friends though both conducted romantic affairs. They had two sons, Julian (1908-1937) and Quentin (1910-1997). In 1916, she moved to Charleston farm, where she lived for many years with Duncan Grant, a fellow painter whose aesthetics harmonized with her own. Vanessa's daughter Angelica (1918-), was acknowledged as Clive's child, but was in fact Duncan's, though he was primarily homosexual.

"Today, when we think of her, I expect that we refer to Marcel Gimond's study of her head. It is a gravely beautiful, an Olympian head, but neither the sculptor's intention nor his medium allow us to suppose that it is a head that might be distorted by laughter or by distress; and yet in thinking of Vanessa I do see her thus transformed. My elder brother, speaking with unconscious prescience, likened her to Demeter, a goddess who with terrible velocity could change from summer to winter. My earliest memories are of her summer laughter, specifically of an evening seated on a bench in Gordon Square when she told us how children were made and born, an account which she made so overwhelmingly droll that I rolled helpless with mirth off the bench."
— Quentin Bell, from the introduction to Selected Letters of Vanessa Bell (1993)


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