Charnas Bibliography


Conqueror's Child, The (1999, Tor)
Dorothea Dreams (1986, Arbor House)
Furies, The (1994, Tor)
Motherlines (1978, Putnam)
Ruby Tear, The (1997, Tor)
Walk to the End of the World (1974, Ballantine)

Children's Books

Bronze King, The (1985, Houghton Mifflin)
Golden Thread, The (1989, Bantam)
Kingdom of Kevin Malone, The (1993, Harcourt Brace)
Silver Glove, The (1988, Bantam)

Story Collections

Vampire Tapestry, The (1980, Simon & Schuster)

Ancient Mind at Work, The (1980, Omni)
Land of Lost Content, The
Unicorn Tapestry (1980, New Dimensions 11)
Musical Interlude, A
Last of Dr. Weyland, The

Moonstone and Tiger-Eye (1992, Pulphouse)

Evil Thoughts (1990, Seaharp Hotel)
Scorched Supper on New Niger (1980, New Voices III)

Music of the Night (2001, ElectricStory)

Boobs (1989, Asimov's)
Unicorn Tapestry (1980, New Dimensions 11)
Beauty and the Opera or the Phantom Beast (1996, Asimov's)
Evil Thoughts (1990, Seaharp Hotel)


My Father's Ghost: The Return of My Old Man and Other Second Chances (forthcoming)
Strange Seas
(2001, Hidden Knowledge)

Uncollected Stories

Advocates (with Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, 1991, Under the Fang)
Listening to Brahms (1988, Omni)
Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep (1991, A Whisper of Blood)
Oak and Ash (1992, Pulphouse)

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