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A note on my notes: I've avoided complicating things with a number or star scale. My "Good" and "Not So Good" ratings simply indicate whether I recommend a film or not, based on my individual tastes in acting, direction, cinematography, etc. My notes explain why. These evaluations are not set in stone. I may change my mind about some of them. But this is what I think as of now.

The Sure Thing
1985  |  Directed by Rob Reiner  |  Robbins plays Gary Cooper

Five Corners
1987  |  Directed by Tony Bill  |  Robbins plays Harry

1988  |  Directed by Bill Fishman  |  Robbins plays Josh Tager

Bull Durham
1988  |  Directed by Ron Shelton  |  Robbins plays Ebby Calvin "Nuke" LaLoosh

Miss Firecracker
1989  |  Directed by Thomas Schlamme  |  Robbins plays Delmount Williams

Jacob's Ladder
1990  |  Directed by Adrian Lyne  |  Robbins plays Jacob Singer

The Player
1992  |  Directed by Robert Altman  |  Robbins plays Griffin Mill

Bob Roberts
1992  |  Directed by Tim Robbins  |  Robbins plays Bob Roberts

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
1999  |  Directed by Jay Roach  |  Robbins plays The President

High Fidelity
2000  |  Directed by Stephen Frears  |  Robbins plays Ian Raymond

Top Gun
1986  |  Directed by Tony Scott  |  Robbins plays Merlin

A macho, feel-good movie about Navy fighter pilots. Need I say more?.

Erik the Viking
1989  |  Directed by Terry Jones  |  Robbins plays Erik

Is it a fantasy? A comedy? A romance? This movie appears to be trying for all three, and ends up as an unholy mutant.

Cadillac Man
1990  |  Directed by Roger Donaldson  |  Robbins plays Larry

The Shawshank Redemption
1994  |  Directed by Frank Darabont  |  Robbins plays Andy Dufresne

Though this movie tests the deeper waters of prison life, it spends most of its time in the kiddie pool and ends with one of the more infuriating codas I have witnessed. I felt cheated.

The Hudsucker Proxy
1994  |  Directed by Joel Coen and Ethan Coen  |  Robbins plays Norville Barnes

Mission to Mars
2000  |  Directed by Brian De Palma  |  Robbins plays Woodrow "Woody" Blake

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