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A note on my notes: I've avoided complicating things with a number or star scale. My "Good" and "Not So Good" ratings simply indicate whether I recommend a film or not, based on my individual tastes in acting, direction, cinematography, etc. My notes explain why. These evaluations are not set in stone. I may change my mind about some of them. But this is what I think as of now.

Because I haven't seen them yet, the following movies aren't on this page:

  • The Tall Guy (1989)
  • Junior (1994)
  • The Winter Guest (1997)
  • Primary Colors (1998)
  • Judas Kiss (1998)
  • Maybe Baby (2000)

Fortunes of War
1987  |  Directed by James Cellan Jones  |  Thompson plays Harriett Pringle

1991  |  Directed by James Lapine  |  Thompson plays the Duchess D'Antan

Dead Again
1991  |  Directed by Kenneth Branagh  |  Thompson plays Amanda "Grace" Sharp/Margaret Strauss

Howards End
1992  |  Directed by James Ivory  |  Thompson plays Margaret Schlegel

In the Name of the Father
1993  |  Directed by Jim Sheridan  |  Thompson plays Gareth Peirce

Much Ado about Nothing
1993  |  Directed by Kenneth Branagh  |  Thompson plays Beatrice

1995  |  Directed by Christopher Hampton  |  Thompson plays Dora Carrington

Sense and Sensibility
1995  |  Directed by Ang Lee  |  Thompson plays Elinor Dashwood

2001  |  Directed by Mike Nichols  |  Thompson plays Vivian Bearing

Henry V
1989  |  Directed by Kenneth Branagh  |  Thompson plays Katherine

Peter's Friends
1992  |  Directed by Kenneth Branagh  |  Thompson plays Maggie

The Remains of the Day
1993  |  Directed by James Ivory  |  Thompson plays Miss Kenton

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