What's New

08.05.18  Installed SSL certificate and forced HTTPS redirect.
01.30.16  Updated Google Analytics code site-wide.
03.21.15  Added "X-Clacks-Overhead" to web response headers in honor of Terry Pratchett.
12.17.08  Belatedly realized that my last Feminist SF postings page was never finished. Completed formatting and adding links to authors index page. (Fem SF Authors Posting Index)
12.03.08  Created site maps and submitted them to Google Webmaster Tools. Removed .htaccess file that was preventing Google from accessing my site. Updated links on music page. (Favorite Music)
11.30.08  Updated Google Analytics code on site pages.

09.03.07  Updated and reorganized Le Guin and Pullman bibliographies. (Favorite Authors)
08.22.07  Added Google Analytics code to the site to track usage.
01.04.07  Finally redirected the photo gallery link to my Gallery2 collection. (Photo Gallery)
10.09.05  Added Firefly links and updated some others. (Links)
01.05.05  Added Gifts to Le Guin cover art page. Formatted image popups as Javascript. (Favorite Authors)
06.15.04  Added Diana Wynne Jones cover images. (Favorite Authors)
06.14.04  Added Philip Pullman bibliography and cover images. (Favorite Authors)
06.13.04  Updated Le Guin bibliography and cover images. (Favorite Authors)
12.19.03  Made my new blog public. (Blog)
11.29.03  Added an .htaccess file to the images directory.
07.22.03  Another new index page. The bandwidth thieves really liked Hellboy. (Home)
05.17.03  Added a page for The Matrix. (Favorite Movies)
04.13.03  My first experiment with style sheets. Also, screenshots from Princess Mononoke.
02.02.03  Added another archive of Feminist SF postings. (Criticism)
12.18.02  Updated links and added to the Leonard Woolf page. (Links & Bloomsbury)
11.13.02  Added Delany cover art page. (Favorite Authors)
A fresh new Hellboy index page and an employment update. (Home & Resume)
10.14.02  Split journal into individual pages and added two pages of notes from Readercon. (Journal)
10.13.02  Fixed broken links to actor fan sites and uploaded film guides for all actors. (Favorite Actors)
06.16.02  Navigation bar modified site-wide. Extensive revisions to the Movies section. (Sound and Image)
05.29.02  Le Guin, Charnas and McHugh bibliographies added to site. (Favorite Authors)
05.21.02  Charnas and McHugh cover art added to site. (Favorite Authors)
05.20.02  Le Guin cover art added to site. (Favorite Authors)
05.18.02  My new domain name, therem.net, registered!

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