07/18/07: Items of note

Category: General
Posted by: Therem
I've never done a linkdump type thing before, so I think it's time. Without further ado, my list of recent notable things.

  • Springfield, VT chosen as site of Simpsons Movie premiere. I was amazed to learn that Springfield, a town of approximately 9,000 inhabitants, even has a theater.
  • Two more China stories from the NY Times, here and here. Only partly negative!
  • Bonus from following links! "China Rises" video and web feature.
  • New webisodes of Farscape in the works on SciFi.
  • The last two filmed episodes of Drive available on MySpace. (In episode 5 it's revealed that Richard Brooks's character's name is... Early! OK, it's spelled "Ehrle".)
  • Feminist SF & F Blog Carnival #15 links to my WisCon 31 post.

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06/10/07: Spam begone

Category: General
Posted by: Therem
I just turned off the "Notify Me" option on the sidebar because not a single real person has used it since I enabled it. Instead I've gotten a slow continuous supply of spam email addresses registering. I'm sick of them, so... blammo!